• A complete surprise, an excellent album I really love,
    one that has a whole new outlook in the world
    of Progressive Folk. icon-external-linkJosé Miguel López. DISCÓPOLIS - Feb. 2014
  • Tündra is one of the most interesting things
    that has come on the scene lately in Spain
    in terms of traditional music revival. icon-external-linkFernando Íñiguez TARATAÑA - Jul. 2013
  • Tündra experiments with traditional sounds, infusing them with all sorts
    of electronic and acoustic techniques, powerful guitars
    and, of course, abounding imagination. icon-external-linkJuan Antonio Vazquez MUNDOFONIAS - Feb. 2013

Folk Ancestro Sideral

Folk Group created in 2008 by four musicians from Logroño (Spain) with backgrounds in styles including rock, jazz, and folk. In their unison, they offer a new and fascinating style. This diversity is embodied in the instruments they play, some of them hand-crafted by one of the band members.

In 2012, Tündra won first prize at the Gota Music competition, which gave them the opportunity to record their first album, entitled “Folk Ancestro Sideral“.

In their repertoire, original compositions leaving space for improvisation dwell alongside personalised adaptations of traditional rhythms and melodies from around the globe. Seeing the band live is a spectacular audiovisual experience intensified by video projections that are specially created by the group’s guitarist in charge of video production, Francisco González.

The group was pleased when Rafa Martín, founder of the renowned folk band La Musgaña, joined and complete the band in 2013.


Bastardüs (2017)

The second recording work after four years of searching. This album contains twelve songs, full of tradition and present days in equal proportion, coming from many different sources, both from the Iberian Peninsula and from the other side of the Atlantic.

Tündra has special collaborations just for the occasion: José Climent (La Musgaña) on violin and bagpipes, and José Ramón Jiménez (La Bruja Gata) on clarinet and soprano saxophone..


Folk Ancestro Sideral (2013)

The band’s first album, in its original configuration.

The album develops folk music through original compositions and traditional melodies, mixed with modern sounds and progressive rock. Far from robbing them of their authenticity, the primitive and ancestral rhythms are enriched and empowered.

Their influences include the hurdy-gurdy, Hedningarna, La Musgaña and Black Sabbath.



  •  July 30 –  Peroblasco, La Rioja.
    Fiesta del Humo
    “Smoke fest” at sunset...
  •  Agousto, 12 – 20:00h – Camprovín, La Rioja.
    Fiestas de Caprovín.

  •   Augoust 19 – 0:00h – El Rasillo, La Rioja
    II Luces, cameros, Acción”.
    Short film Festival
  • December, 2 – 21:30h – Madrid. Invited Artist; JOSÉ CLIMENT.
    Sala Rompeolas.
  •  December, 16 – 22:00h – Logroño, La Rioja.
    Sala Biribay Jazz Club
  • .2018
  •  June, 30 – 12;30 – Logroño, La Rioja.
    Sala “La Lonja”.
  •  July, 19 – 22;00 – Logroño, La Rioja.
    Sala Biribay Jazz Club.
  •  July, 21 -11;45 – Boltaña, Huesca.
    PIRENOSTRUM, Feria Pirenaica de Luthieres.
  •  August, 2- 22:00 – Sendim, Portugal.
    Festival intercéltico de SENDIM.
  • September, 15 – 18;00 – Ermua, Vizkaia.                                                                                                             XIII Folkez Blai.