Voces del Desarraigo (2020)

2020 has been a turbulent year, from which the world may emerge very changed. Depopulation, of which the land of the band is a paradigm, is the articulating theme of the album. Its name means in English voices of uprooting. Perhaps the pandemic will lay the foundations for a return to the rural world and small towns, but it is still early to say. Meanwhile, from Logroño, Tündra revisit the echoes of the empty kitchens and abandoned fields of Celtiberia in their third album.

A transcendental change has also taken place for the band: the incorporation of the voice in 7 of the 12 pieces on the album.

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Bastardüs (2017)

After four years of searching and maturing, twelve songs filled with tradition and actuality in equal parts, coming from very diverse sources, both from the Iberian Peninsula and from the other side of the Atlantic, made the selection of Bastardüs.

Two very special collaborations put the icing on the cake: José Climent (La Musgaña) on violin and cornamusa and José Ramón Jiménez (La Bruja Gata) on clarinet and soprano sax.

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Folk Ancestro Sideral (2013)

Tündra’s debut album earned them comparisons with Hedningarna that, in fact, is one of the influences they recognise, along with Hurdy Gurdy, La Musgaña or Black Sabbath. This was a revulsion for the folk music of a region, La Rioja, which until then had had little presence in the specialised media.

It includes their own compositions and traditional tunes, filtered with a modern sound and progressive rock that enriches and strengthens the search for an ancestral and primitive rhythm.

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  • A complete surprise, an excellent album I really love,
    one that has a whole new outlook in the world
    of Progressive Folk. icon-external-linkJosé Miguel López. DISCÓPOLIS - Feb. 2014
  • Tündra is one of the most interesting things
    that has come on the scene lately in Spain
    in terms of traditional music revival. icon-external-linkFernando Íñiguez TARATAÑA - Jul. 2013
  • Tündra experiments with traditional sounds, infusing them with all sorts
    of electronic and acoustic techniques, powerful guitars
    and, of course, abounding imagination. icon-external-linkJuan Antonio Vazquez MUNDOFONIAS - Feb. 2013

What to do when you don’t find what you’re looking for? You have an alternative: do it yourself

This is what went through Jorge Garrido’s and Daniel Latorre’s minds. Back in 2008, these musicians from La Rioja with shared influences they decided to create a new band. What for? To be able to listen to the music they wanted to hear and that nobody was doing. That is how Tündra was born. Nordic and Spanish influences, with Jorge’s background in jazz and traditional music and Daniel’s background in ancient music and lutherie were the essential ingredients.

Tündra arises as one of the most interesting things that has been done in Spain in recent times within the recovery of traditional music”. Fernando Íñiguez, Radio 3 RNE

Which other timbres did they need to generate the sound they were looking for? Soon Ignacio’s bagpipe and Francisco’s guitar were added. And in a land with a scarce offer of folk proposals, a few months later the quartet received their first proposal to perform. This challenge accelerated the process of creating a repertoire for live performances and laid the foundations for their first album, Folk Ancestro Sideral (2013), which they would record thanks to their winning in the Gota de Música contest of Logroño’s city council.

Tündra is a group that experiments with traditional sounds by applying electronics, powerful guitars and, of course, a lot of imagination”.  Juan Antonio Vázquez, Mundofonías

In 2013 Daniel Latorre leaves the band to focus on lutherie. The hurdy-gurdy player, founder of La Musgaña, Rafa Martín, joined the band. He already participated in the second album, Bastardüs (2017). For the third album the band makes a transcendental decision: to incorporate a singer. Rubén Ezquerro, actor, clown and showman, will be the chosen one. He completes the quintet that will release the third album at the beginning of 2021.


9/March/2024 – PATIO CORSARIO, Valladolid – 20:00

4/May/2024 – LA NOCHE DE LOS CANDILES, Almocita, Almería – 22:30

19/October/2024 – FOLKHERBST, Germany


28/April/2023 – LOS VIERNES DE LA TRADICIÓN, San Sebasrián de los reyes, Madrid – 19:00

1/May/2023 – LA FUNDICIÓN, Tündra + Sangre de Muérdago, Logroño, La Rioja – 20:00

18/June/2023 – FIESTA DE LA TRASHUMANCIA, Brieva, La Rioja – 20:00

23/June/2023 – FESTIVAL TRONCHOFOLK, Ribaflecha, La Rioja – 20:00

16/August/2023 – Burlada, Navarra – 20:00

30/September/2023 – FIESTA DE LA CERVEZA ULTREYABEER, Viana, Navarra – 20:00

7/October/2023 – XVII FIESTA DE LA TRASHUMANCIA, Venta de Piqueras, La Rioja – 17:00



5/June2022 – ESPACIO RONDA, Madrid – 19:00

24/June2022 – POBORINA FOLK, El Pobo, Teruel – 00:00

5/August/2022 – CASTROVIEJO, La Rioja – 00:00

6/November/2022 – CASA DE CULTURA, SANADRIÁN, Navarra – 19:30


11/January/2021 – ACTUAL FESTIVAL 2021, Logroño, La Rioja (#actualimpusla)

15/February/2021 – CULTURA SIN PAUSA, Logroño, La Rioja (Streaming)

1/March/2021 – LOS CONCIERTOS DE RADIO 3, La 2 de TVE 

18/April/2021 – Teatro Bretón, Haro, La Rioja – 20;00

14/May/2021 – Cadena SER presenta “LA ESPAÑA VACIADA”, Torrecilla de Cameros, La Rioja.

15/May/2021 – SAN ISIDRONieva, La Rioja – Al atardecer debajo del castillo

12/June/2021 – Teatro Cervantes, Arnedo, La Rioja – 20;00

27/August/2021 – Ojacastro, La Rioja – 20;00








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