Ignacio Benito

Wind instruments, psaltery, and drum

Born in Logroño in 1978, Ignacio Benito earned a degree in Musical Education. He studied flute at the official Logroño city music school, Escuela de Música del Ayuntamiento de Logroño.

Benito attended several pipe and tambor courses given by Quique Almendros (cofounder of La Musgaña with Rafa Martín) and by Manuel Pérez, who teaches this instrumental combination at the Salamanca cultural organization Centro de cultura tradicional de Salamanca. He studied the bagpipes under Chema Rosón in Alberite (Spain), especially in its traditional La Rioja form called ‘Gaita riojana’, at the Escuela de Gaita y Tambor, a school for drum and bagpipes. Within the same school, he attended txistu and txirula wind instrument classes with Fernando Jalón.

He was a member of the Folk group Velandia from 2000 until 2008.

Over the course of many years, Ignacio Benito has performed in various medieval markets throughout northern Spain.